property for sale in spain

Today I have an offer of real estate for sale for you, so if you are looking for a real estate property for sale in spain, please read on.

Number of rooms: three

Number of bathrooms: one

Number of kitchens: one

Number of gardens: one

Price: seven hundred thousand euros (possibly in installments)


The house, which is for sale, is located in a small town where there are not many people. The facade of the house is white and the house is overgrown with ivy. At the entrance to the house we can see a relatively small garden, which is very nice and there are a lot of flowers. These include willow, linden, ivy, then there are fruit shrubs such as raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries, which grow in summer. Upon entering the house we can notice a brown door that leads us to the first room – the kitchen, which is quite spacious and nice. There is modern furniture, a white-gray refrigerator, which is also modern, you can make delicious homemade ice cream, so ice cream lovers will really get their money\’s worth here. The advantage is that the house is fully equipped with modern furniture.

The second room is a relatively spacious living room, the living room has a TV, which is really big and very expensive. You can watch various series and a lot of TV stations, which you can possibly buy according to your preferences.


The second room is a bedroom with a not very spacious bed, which is unfortunately a bit of a disadvantage, but given that the house is fully equipped, it does not matter so much. The bedroom has decorative pictures and curtains that are white. The bedding in the bed is beautiful yellow. This house is small but beautiful, everyone would probably like it very much, and if you are looking for a smaller but beautiful house in which you will feel comfortable, this house is designed to buy just for you…